Teachers Talking about CamSTAR

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‘Teachers should drive forward Research to develop Professional Knowledge'  

Mary, Deputy Head

Teacher Voice is crucial in developing Professional Knowledge, whether through CamSTAR Teacher Research or CPD - CamSTAR Professional Dialogue – not only in talking about the value of these approaches to the development of teaching and learning, but also as a key contribution to co-construction, talking about process, meaning and deep professional learning. Our approach uses the principles of Andragogy, building on teachers’ existing high levels of professional expertise and also sharing understanding and new knowledge between teachers and between schools. 



‘Research has given me my own identity. It’s made me take stock of what I believe in, what I want to be doing, how I want to be moving forward and it’s given me power – professionally. Personally, I think that research has made me into an individual who believes themselves to be a professional ... so professionally it’s done all of those things but personally I have more confidence in being a professional.’

Lee Deputy Head

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‘Research is about being professional - being up to date with research means you stay on the cutting edge of your subject knowledge.’ 

Ellen HoD Science


‘There are ideas out there. There are things that work. You are not making it up yourself.’

Zahra NQT RE


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‘[Research] enriches me as a person because I seem to gain an understanding of how the world works -  you are searching for one thing and happen to find another that you would never have [otherwise] found.’

Tom Art Teacher

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‘It is… a space for colleagues to retain their own professional autonomy… Learning dialogues… now have a structure.’

Claire, Middle Leader

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‘I think [Teacher Research] is very important indeed, and has been one of the delights of my recent professional life in the last ten years … And I think, yes, it very much is our role and mission to keep on with the Research agenda, giving insights into how best to realise a vision of education.’

David  HoD English

‘Mike Walker is one of the most innovative school leaders I have ever had the privilege of working with.  His enthusiasm for the business of learning, analytical examination of detail in the classroom and commitment to an open supportive culture, provided a generation of teachers at KEGS with the drive to find their own strategies and take their professional craft to new levels.  He managed the difficult feat of creating a school environment where the drive for continuous improvement was a given, but individuals were valued and allowed to adopt their own particular style.’

Tom Carter, Head

‘Thank you so much for your expertise yesterday. Several of the HoDs have already said that it was the best INSET they have ever had- a great testament to you’.

Bruce, Head

'The sessions on teaching and learning … have been an inspiration to me and my colleagues. (The) vision and clarity are exceptional and … the style both engages and challenges teachers and leaders in a uniquely positive way. The input helped kick start our journey towards outstanding teaching and learning and the contribution to our thinking as school leaders has been profound'. 

Mark, National Education Organisation Chief Executive


‘The topic was challenging but was delivered succinctly and with intelligence and humanity. It left us all with a great deal to think about and practical ways in which to do so. The whole team was immensely impressed, reassured and grateful…’

Charlotte, Head