Launching your teacher research community flowchart

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Launching your teacher research community flowchart
  • Identify CamSTAR Teacher Research® as CPD, at the heart of school development, not the periphery
    • Expert in andragogy, adult education
    • Cost-effective, never out of date
    • Targeted, tailored to context
    • Practical, hands-on, of immediate relevance, easy to use
    • Flexible – anytime, anywhere
    • Experiential, transformational
    • Impactful, properly developmental of teaching and learning
  • Hold a Staff Briefing to launch CamSTAR®
  • Demonstrate commitment by Head or Deputy Head, Principal or Vice-Principal leading on CamSTAR Teacher Research and CPD across the school

Launching your teacher research community flowchart
  • Administer the CamSTAR Initial School Teacher Research Questionnaire® to all staff to establish the relevant existing expertise, experience and engagement with Teacher Research in detail
  • Analyse your data to establish next stages (make a list of things to do – by this date we need to accomplish this action) Take this to your team for discussion on actions to keep research energy active.

Launching your teacher research community flowchart
  • Appoint a CamSTAR Coordinator; and create a 30 sec audio of your CamSTAR Coordinator® giving their vision for Teacher Research in your school
  • Establish your Research Coordinators Team. Use the CamSTAR Research Roles Template® to identify respective roles of the Team, who is looking after particular themes or groups, to keep staff informed
  • Hold a Lunchtime Meeting with Researching Staff to analyse staff needs and timing; set out how you intend to respond to the questionnaire and develop a CamSTAR Plan of Action® which is displayed in the school 
  • Demonstrate commitment by Head or Deputy Head, Principal or Vice-Principal leading on CamSTAR Teacher Research and CPD across the school; complete the CamSTAR Leadership Template® with photos of key Leadership personnel and quotations on why research is important in this school, from Head, CamSTAR Coordinator, and up to four other staff in total
  • Design a School Webpage on Research at your school – see the CamSTAR Webpage Template®

Launching your teacher research community flowchart
  • Capture progress through CamSTAR ‘My Research’ Posters® (hard copy and e-version) to be displayed in the staff area as incentive for other staff 
  • Develop CamSTAR Knowledge Posters® by current researching staff that recommend 3-4 key sources, including video or audio.  Display in your staff area. These Posters will be on a theme – e.g. Innovation in Teaching and Learning – for sharing resources with colleagues, what researchers have found and used; the Co-ordinator for that theme can be responsible for keeping these up)
  • Regular Information Sharing in Staff Briefing Meetings
  • Hold regular ‘Inspirational’ CamSTAR Events® e.g. staff 2 minute sharing of research activities, video capture for your website, etc… 
  • Ongoing support for staff underway and for those with delays or hitches in research
  • Undertake a further Audit of existing research skills, in time, to report back to staff to identify the body of expertise already present and growing
  • ‘Audit’ others associated with the school and interested in being involved with research (e.g. Governors, parents)

Launching your teacher research community flowchart
  • Have key Evaluation Points, with a Conference as an end of year event. Consider an audience within school; with Governors; with parents; with other invited schools.
  • Carry out an annual CamSTAR Evaluation® of the qualitative and quantitative impact across the school
  • Hold a CamSTAR CONFERENCE® – consider purpose and audience. What data can you capture from this event (eg 30 second interviews with attendees on the value of Teacher Research, for your website). What can be added to the CamStar website for publicity for the school?
  • Develop regular reports on progress and activities in research in school on your School Research Web Page and send a link to CamSTAR to be featured on the CamSTAR website
  • Plan Joint Research Projects or a Joint Event with other interested schools 
  • Develop the school vision to becoming a Gold CamSTAR Member School and a Hub School