Good teachers are by definition involved and interested in the processes of teaching. Thinking about what makes effective teaching and learning is often referred to as reflective teaching. Research takes that process of reflection and translates it into evidence – a knowledge base that is both sound and able to be shared. Today, research is seen as part of a teacher’s role: the emphasis on evidence, whether that is using school data, or classroom focused data. It is very much part of the way in which teachers create and validate classroom knowledge. But it is also about ensuring that professional development is active and focused on your own interests. So teacher research is about an opportunity to engage with good ideas, to find out about teaching and learning strategies from elsewhere, but also to think more deeply about education itself – and to share that with colleagues in your school, and the wider CamStar network.

You will have opportunities to share your research with colleagues in your department, faculty or school more widely. An end of year poster ‘show and tell’ is an enjoyable and lively way to present findings – do organise one if you are able. Parents’ evenings are ideal ways to demonstrate how we keep up to date with knowledge in our area. CamStar also offers at least two conferences each year, which are hosted by schools. These include keynote speakers, workshops by teachers and poster presentations. Sharing research with colleagues outside of our own schools has proved invigorating and exciting. School exchange visits and cross school projects are frequent outcomes.