CamStar – Cambridge, School Teachers and Research, is a network of schools who work together to support school-based teacher research. The network is national, across the whole of the UK, and has recently expanded to include international schools. The philosophy that underpins CamStar is straightforward – teacher knowledge is at the heart of effective teaching and learning, and the professional right of teachers to engage with, generate and disseminate such knowledge is paramount for teachers’ continuing professional development. CamStar has grown from a small project where a group of English teachers decided to undertake some research into their own practice, to a national network of schools, where research is carried out across phase, theme and subject. Large numbers of teachers are researching at any one time, some on individual projects, some in departments, some school wide, and more recently in projects developing between schools.

The website has some open access but also password protected materials for CamStar member schools.


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